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First Cuan Battle in Indonesia

Cryptoiz is the first choice when various projects want to introduce their platform in Indonesia because we have credibility and quality and are known to all of our clients. We serve various advertisements such as Press, Video Reviews, AMA Telegram and ZOOM, Building Community and Fundraising projects.
Largest exchanges such as OkeX, MXC, ProBit and Binance has made biggest event in Indonesia with us and the event named CUAN BATTLE here Binance official announcement about our event https://www.binance.com/id/blog/all/cuan-battle--menangkan-rp-40-juta-421499824684900561
This event also recorded and writed by top indonesia newspaper

First NFT Music E-Contest in Indonesia

During COVID-19 outbreak at 2021 cryptoiz create an online event with biggest musician in indonesia at this event we educated musician and fans about NFT and the biggest opportunity in this industry. This event supported by biggest exchanges in indonesia Tokocrypto and run smoothly.
This event also recorded by biggest local newspaper

Cryptoiz E-Sport Championship

PUBG Mobile
Mobile Legends
Gamers is the biggest opportunity user base to bring in blockchain industry, Cryptoiz also see this things and thats why we create this E-Sport Championship. Indonesia right now become one of largest mobile game user base we create championship in PUBG, Valorant, Mobile Legends and we run 3 event already

Cryptoiz Social and Website

Here we go list our social media and website
Loyalty Member Offering Site (LMO) : https://lmo.cryptoizresearch.com/
Cryptoiz Merchandise : https://store.cryptoizresearch.com/
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/cryptoizoffice
Telegram Groups : https://t.me/cryptoizindonesia
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